May “Pursue Your Passion” Scholarship Winner

You love to learn and Degreed is here to help. A few months ago we launched a scholarship to help financially support our users in pursuit of their learning passions. The monthly $1,000 “Pursue Your Passion” scholarship is open to any Degreed user to be used in any way in the pursuit of their learning passion (see application for details & rules).

May’s scholarship winner is… Alyssa Smith! Alyssa’s essay:

“I’m passionate about learning how marketing tactics affect people. This summer, I’m partnering with my university to do a project researching the amount of teens uncomfortable with their body image or practice self-damage resulting from being exposed to advertisements that enforce beauty as being tall and skinny.  I’ll urge advertisers to widen the range of images displayed in fashion ads. Next semester, I’ll present my project in classes at my university to urge students to accept themselves for who they are. Unfortunately, my loans, current financial aid, and finances don’t cover my tuition for next year. If awarded, I’ll apply the $1,000 to my tuition; although it may not sound like the most extravagant plan, the results are extremely valuable to me. It’ll allow me to continue to influence people’s lives on and off campus; positively impacting a person’s life is my greatest goal. Thank you for this opportunity.”

Congratulations Alyssa!